Different Reasons to Use Gas Grills

Different Reasons to Use Gas Grills

What makes a good Gas Grill? Gas Grill reviews can be found all over the Internet. There are so many different types of grills on the market today. This article will compare all the different options available and identify the benefits of each type.

Price. Although what you might have heard from your neighbor, there really is no real performance difference between an electric grilling and natural gas grill, especially when it’s the middle of winter. Unless of course the weather is really cold – 45F cold then, aren’t you out grilling anyway? With a decent range of prices, a gas grill makes it very affordable to enjoy that summer barbeque.

Quality: Wood Chips vs. Propane: Wood Chips tends to be a little bit more consistent in terms of how hot they get and how long they last, but propane is almost always going to be a more consistent product. Propane burners also take a longer time to ignite than do wood chips. This means that wood chips tend to be better for beginners and weekend grills while propane is best for occasional use.

Function: What is it to you? Gas grills take up less space, use less fuel, and are better for the environment than charcoal grills. Does it matter what you do with the grill? If you’re planning to just grill burgers, do you need the portability of a charcoal grill? Gas grills are better for outdoor cooking and indoor grilling.

Smoke Quality: Does either method produces better smoke? Both can produce good smoke, but charcoal smokers produce much better smoke. If you plan on barbecuing, smoking fish, or smoking burgers, charcoal smoke will be your best bet. However, if you just want to grill with a nice smoky flavor, try the natural gas version.

Cleanup and Maintenance: Both versions of grilling require some cleaning, but charcoal grills require lighter fluid and a lighter wire mesh ware to remove build-up, while gas grills require a funnel to keep the debris out of the air lines. No matter which version you choose, be sure to thoroughly clean your gas grill after each use. If you want to grill outdoors, be sure to set the grill up so that the grill does not sit in the direct sunlight, as this could lead to condensation and sparks. For indoor uses, keep your natural gas grill away from damp areas.

Lava Rocks: You might wonder if these are legal in your area. Unfortunately, they are not. Although some cities and counties might have laws against burning rocks (often illegally) in public places, they are perfectly fine indoors. Just be aware that some people have found that they actually taste better on gas grills than on charcoal grills, especially if you leave them out overnight and let the coals burn down.

One major difference between the two types of grills is that charcoal grills spit coals and gas grills burn them. There is also some controversy as to whether or not the flavor is better on charcoal grills. Most barbecue enthusiasts seem to prefer the flavor of the charcoal grills, however, for a backyard barbecue and outdoor parties, the coals on gas grills tend to last longer. Also, when using charcoal, it is important to watch the coals to make sure they do not catch on fire. Keep them well lit and away from the fire.

Stainless Steel: As with everything, there is nothing like having a stainless steel gas grill. Many people have found that they prefer this type over any other. Stainless steel gas grills give off very little smoke and turn out every time. The only disadvantage to them, especially for those who do not have any kind of wood burning wood pit or fire, is that the ash can get pretty big. Some smokers have come up with ways to get around the ash problem, but it still might be an issue for some. Also, a stainless steel grill is not very appealing looking compared to some of the more colorful grills.

Meat: This is perhaps one of the most popular reasons people use gas grills. Whether you’re roasting hamburgers, hot dogs, or hot wings, you can probably find someone who would like to try his or her hand at grilling meat. One of the benefits of these grills is that they allow you to use more than one meat at once. You could cook ribs, steak, or chicken and then add on vegetables or a side salad when you are done cooking the meat. Most people simply use ribs, beef, or chicken and use vegetables sparingly.

Charcoal Grills: Although not strictly true charcoal grills, you can still use coals of different kinds. If you like the taste of grilled onions then try charcoal grills. There are also copper, brick, cast iron, and even stainless steel coals available that will give the same kind of heat that you would get from charcoal grills. You can either use these coals indoors or outdoors.